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EUCLIS (EUCLock Information System) EUCLIS stands for EU Clock Information System and is a part of the EU Clock Project that deals with the development of a comprehensive information system for the EU Chronobiologists. The system aims to make interaction and collaboration among the EU biologists more efficient and well managed.

The team is comprised of University of the Philippines graduate students mostly from the areas of computer science, molecular biology and mathematics. It is headed by Dr. Eduardo Mendoza of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität and the University of the Philippines.

EUCLIS adapts an advanced database architecture used in the pioneering HepatoSys liver cell systems biology project to the needs of the chronobiology community. This framework segments the database into several distinct modules: Clock Experiments, which contains the experiments and provides a visualization tool for time series data; Clock KnowledgeBase, a digital library containing the module for common components used by Clock Experiments and Clock Models as well as external information access; Clock Genes, which is a catalogue of genes associated with circadian rhythms of model organisms; Clock References, a repository of bibliographic references; Clock Classes, a repository of course materials for chronobiology related classes; and Clock Tools, a repository of software tools used in chronobiology for analyzing and simulating experimental data. EUCLIS also hosts Clock Images, which contains images gathered by chronobiologists for the use of the EUCLOCK community. EUCLIS also provides a venue for documenting events within the community through Clock Museum, as well as a venue for documenting academic linkages in Clock Family Trees. Central services are provided by the Clock Registered User Services.

To know more about each module, please click on the links below:

Clock Classes Clock Experiments Clock Family Trees Clock Genes Clock Images Clock Models Clock Museum Clock References Clock Tools

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